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  • Jode
    Yo I really appreciate that feedback to the fullest. And once again thank you for reaching out and just taking the time to actually listen. I cherish that. I'm going to continue working and perfecting my sound.
  • Jamal Walkers
    Thanks you for your support! It really means a lot to me.
    Jamal Walkers
  • Troy
    Thanks for the review man. Keep up your work.
  • Matthew Manning
    Thanks for the feedback! Thanks you very much!
    Matthew Manning
  • Mountain Menaces
    Dude thank you so much. Demo audio and I have been looking for good platforms for recording THANKS for the link. Peace and Love, you're awesome.
    Mountain Menaces
  • Kate
    Thank you so much for reviewing my song - I really appreciate the compliments and words of encouragement! Really means a lot. All the best!
  • Sinnikal One
    Thx for the review. Glad you like it, it means a lot. I will have some new features out soon. Hard to get English lyrics heard here in south east Asia so I am just making as much music as I can. Once again, thx.
    Sinnikal One
  • Ken Sawyer
    Suleiman, nice work you brought tears to my eyes
    Ken Sawyer
  • Chef izzy
    Thank you very much. Truly appreciate the feedback.
    Chef izzy
  • Sogdatrinity
    OMG Thanks alot Means The World That You Took The Time To Review My Song And I Well Let Peter Know That His Vibe Is Out Of This World!! Have a Blessed Life!!!

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